Monday, 23 March 2009

Brighton Vegan Fayre.

It's the first Vegan Fayre that I've managed to get myself along to; many times I've promised to attend the variety of fayre's through London and Brighton- and I'll definitely be making sure that I attend more from now on!
The fayre hosted stall after stall of a variety of companies, groups and charities. There were the leading brands in vegan food; Fry's, Redwoods, Provamel and Sheese, as well as charites like Animal Aid and Shac, fun vegan campaigners like SSOV (Shhh...) and highstreet favourites Lush!
Almost every stand had something to taste, and I definetly got my 8 pounds entry worth!

Provamel were prepared with a cooker, dishing up piping hot chillies and marinated tofu, as well as yoghurts, soya milk and cream cheese. Redwoods and Fry's had tasters of all my favourites; Chorizo and Chicken pieces from Redwoods, Spiced burgers from Fry's. Though I did see- horror of horrors, the stuff of nightmares- someone reach for a USED toothpick, and eat a sample from it. YUCK!!

The suprising highlight for me was the Sheese stand. Never being a particular fan of vegan cheese, I hadn't actually given their products a taste; if I make something using cheese I've stuck to Redwoods Gauda Cheezly, and Tofutti Cream Cheese. Laid out were rows of crackers with different varieties of cream cheese (oh my, the garlic and herb variety!!), tubs with cubed hard cheeses, and rows of crackers with sliced cheese.
I'm a convert and off to buy some Garlic and Herb soft cheese and a stack of crackers! And I've been introduced to the wonder that is digestives+cream cheese+jam= H E A V E N.

Another delicious suprise was from the Sanctuary Cafe. I've been to this cafe in Hove once to see some acoustic bands, but never been back to sample the food. Although it does serve fish, the vegan selections are great and clearly labelled. At the Fayre they were selling jars of chutneys and sauces- and garlic mayo. It's seriously the best mayo I've ever tasted; nothing artificial or 'vegan' tasting, these had real crisp, raw flavours.
Plamil offered a whole host of their delicious chocolate bars and spreads. Oh my, the chocolate spread was good; rich and thick and chunky. And the rum&raison bars were orgasmic. We had to avoid the stand after our 3rd trip round; we were being recognised...
The Heavenly Cake Company were there with a delicious range of amazing cakes, cupcakes and truffles, offering not only healthy versions, but also more ethically inspired cakes.
The day also featured a number of bands and talks by leading vegan campaigners and companies, which sadly I missed due to poor timing and addiction to Sheese. I did really want to see King Blues, and hope that they managed to pull more of an audience than the afternoon acts did.
All I wish is that I had brought more cash with me! I really could have gone mad here, especially as the prices were genuinely reduced from shop prices, and a lot of the stands gave free organic bags with every purchase.

51-55 Brunswick Street East
01273 770002
Bristol Vegan Fayre:
Amphitheatre and Waterfront Square in Bristol
May 30-31st
7th Annual Vegan Fayre!
Kensingston Town Hall, Hornton Street.
6th September
12th Annual Vegan Festival!
The Heavenly Cake Company:
020 8291 7320
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  1. I walked past this! Artichoke Zine stall there next year, yes? x

  2. You should have joined us!
    A whole stall, oh my!
    Full of cakes yumyum x

  3. I second the vote for an Artichoke Zine stall! I'll come and help!

    It sounds amazing!


  4. ooo im so jelous. The vegan fair i went to in Adelaide was small and pretty dissapointing.

  5. Oh that's such a shame! I really enjoyed the Brighton Fayre. Join forces and make an amazing Fayre!