Sunday, 5 April 2009

The Co-operative: Good for vegans!

I literally get so over excited at the sight of a Co-op, and I believe I have good reason to!
These are the goodies I picked up at the weekend (possibly the only good thing about Worthing?).
No your eyes are not deceiving you; that is a pack of jam doughnuts (actually I bought two packets, but shh...) a packet of JAM FILLED ICE BUNS (have these existed for a while and I have just never tried them? Oh my!!) AND a bag of American Hard Gums, which I totally spent my childhood eating, yumyumyum!


  1. Jam doughnuts and buns, you lucky vegan!

  2. Dont u just love it when you find vegan supermarket food! Although it takes quite a bit of searching :)
    I wonder if they have vegan doughnuts in Australian supermarkets...mite have to go on a hunt!

  3. It's worth a look! I can't get them very often- maybe once every couple of months! But they're so worth the wait!