Sunday, 2 August 2009

Berlin Diaries: Day Three.

Day Three
Another stop at the breakfast buffet and then we were off to visit Checkpoint Charlie. Quite a surreal tourist stop, it stands within a regular neighbourhood, scattered with disturbing stalls selling gas masks and fur hats. Quite bizarre. You can pay €1 to have your photograph taken with a man in uniform (using your own camera...). The highlight of the trip was seeing a nearby cafe, called Snackpoint Charlie. Brilliant. I would have liked to have visited the museum, but funds and the need to pursue new and exciting vegan treats became too overwhelming.
We hopped back to Kreuzburg and found Tanna B. This amazing ice cream shop has around 6-8 vegan (soja) options, including hazelnut, chocolate and cherry. They have cones which are vegan, which seriously impressed me! Very very cheap too- two ice creams came to €2.20. Brilliant! I had chocolate, and it was amazing- real ice cream, as opposed to sorbet or frozen ice. Mr T had cherry, which was a little less creamy, but still really good. Round the corner we popped into a great little shop called Veni Vidi Vegi. Completely vegan, this store sells fruit and veg, fresh bread, tons of sweet treats, pasta, sauces and shoes. Literally everything you need if you're staying in Berlin and can cook for yourself. I stocked up on gummy bears, lollies and those amazing cookies that me and my sister would gorge ourselves on when we were in Greece, chased with Fanta and playing cards in the warm evening sun.

Next stop on the food tour was Voner. This place is literally a dream; essentially, it is a vegan doner kebab shop. Quite, quite brilliant! A hunk of soya rotates on a spit, dished up in the most amazing bread... pitta... thing...! Served with chilli sauce and salad, this is so much fun. The cafe is cute and political, with literature and books, flyers and posters scattering the room, and picnic benches outside to enjoy your kebab in the sun.

As we headed back to the hotel to collect our luggage, we had to have one last stop at Dolores! This time we went for a Burrito Bowl; much lighter, this is a bowl of the ingredients that go into a burrito (fajita veggies, black beans, rice, lettuce) and topped with a handful of corn chips (tortilla chips). We both had lemonade, and it was a great ending to a wonderful trip. Back at the
airport we had one last Mr Tom bar and a bottle of (NON CARBONATED) water.


Few extra notes:
The tubes are really easy to follow; the system is almost identical to London, but the travelcards include tubes, trams and buses- aswell as the coach to and from the airport. It costs €6.50 for all zones, all day. At the airport there are buses which take you to various parts of the city.
The people were so friendly, and more than prepared to speak English.

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