Sunday, 23 August 2009

C R O I S S A N T S.

Look at them. Just look at them.
Delicious little bundles of love. Oh my, they were worth the wait.
Thanks to Rach ( for the tip off, I went in search of vegan croissants. After a brief, blind panic Mr T found them in the chillers; tubes and tubes of croissanty goodness!
This is what you need to be looking out for, and you can find them in your nearest Aldi:

They come as a rolled up tube of pastry, slice along the edges which are partially cut, roll them up and pop them in the oven for 15 minutes. Brilliant. They aren't exactly how I remember fresh croissants, but the insides are buttery, warm croissant dough and the outsides are golden flaky goodness. So no complaints, I could eat ten tubes in one go.
89p a tube.


  1. Excellent!!! I heard rumours of vegan croissants in a tube but couldn't find any, off to aldi for me :) Thanks for the tip!!

  2. Go go go! They are super yummy!x

  3. oh my god i need them here in aus. i don't think they're available in our aldis, i'm so sad!!!!!!!

  4. Well maybe you can ask them to order them in for you?? Might mean you have to buy a box of 100 though.. but you can have a croissant party!!x

  5. Thanks again for the tip, finally got some - so, soooo good!!! I also made some pain au chocolates with them. Just place some chopped dark chocolate and roll up, bake as normal. I put some flaked almonds on some before baking too then drizzled melted chocolate over top before serving. Deeelicious!!!

  6. What fun. I'm currently waiting for the oven to heat up so I can bake some of these. Good news for people who have no Aldi: found some Pilsbury home-bake croissants at Tesco in Trowbridge next to chilled pastry.

    See my blog for more info:

  7. Glad people are enjoying the croissants!
    Thanks myveganlunch for the link on your blog!

  8. Seriously-- these are bombdiggity. I haven't had vegan ones in a while.. but my husband didn't taste anything special-- which is a rarity! If he knows it's vegan it already "tastes funny". But I got him on these! Fantastic.
    Seiko Ananta