Wednesday, 25 November 2009


This past week has been filled with so many ups and downs; from being pretty low after what felt like all the 'important' things in life were falling apart (job, home...) and then spending Saturday with my beautiful and inspiring friend Chloe, sat in a wonderful pub in Brixton while she sold some lovely little diaries, purses and address books.
Since moving further into London, finishing University and being dumped into the 'real' world, it's a bit of a shock to say the least. At Uni I had my loan, my bursary and a part time job which usually took up at least 20 hours of my week. So money was never really a problem; I had enough to buy some nice things, drink coffee whenever I wanted, and buy most of the materials that I needed. I had a studio, I lived in a cute suburban town with friends nearby.

Suffice to say that all those lovely things changed when I moved to New Cross Gate, and the last three months have been somewhat of a struggle. But these last few days I can start to see some sunlight and have become inspired, thinking about all of the things that I want to do to make me happy. I changed my job (although the first two weeks were very hard and every other day I thought about going for lunch and never returning), I want to start having exhibitions again, and I want to carry on making nice things and selling sweet things at various craft fairs.

So- this week I have been experimenting with different things to sell at the fairs, I will be a knitting commuter and I will start a new log of inspiration, continue reading medical books and art theory and try to drown myself in things that make me happy.
First experiment with Cupcake Jars:

These are layers of cake and frosting in a jar which you can take away and eat with a spoon!
They need some work so that the jars are filled and don't look so pooey inside. They taste good though! I made one with chocolate cake and cinnamon icing, and another with chocolate cake and peanut butter icing. My favourite is peanut butter, oh my god that icing tastes good!

Another exciting thing that I did this week, was buy MAKE UP! I had a brief fling with make up when I was 14, which lasted a couple of years before I started college, let my arse hang out of my jeans, stopped brushing my hair and all make up went out of the window. A few years ago I introduced mascara back into my 'beauty routine' and two days ago I went to the wonderful B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful and pleaded for HELP! The amazing girl applied various creams and potions to my face, explaining how each product worked and how I could apply it, and helped me select the most important products. I bought tinted moisturiser, eyeliner, lipstick and cleanser. It felt strange at first, and when I looked in the mirror I thought I looked like a drag queen, but I am getting used to it and it's kind of fun! I even want to buy blusher and powder and concealer!

I'll let you guys know when I get some dates organised for craft fairs, and update with my sweet experiments!


  1. Genius! Cupcake are not the easiest thing to package, I look forward to trying them out. Btw I heard that the BNTBTBB flag ship store on Oxfored Street is closing? We met a girl selling vegan make up (Minerules) at Cabbages & Frocks but she doesn't seem to have her website up and running yet and we haven't seen her there since. Some of Urban Decays stuff is vegan too x

  2. I know! When I worked at a Cupcake shop we had boxes with holes for each cupcake. If people bought 3 then we used the same boxes as you guys used.
    The whole of the BNTBTBB company is closing :( GUTTED. They won't be available online either. They close at the end of the year, and the online store will be open until they run out of stock. Everything seems to last a year so it's worth stocking up!
    I used to buy UD mascara until they seemed to change the recipe and added all sorts of beeswax and things, rubbish!x

  3. *hugs* Christina! Sounds like you've been doing really well under the circumstances. Hope life gets smoother and easier real soon. What did you study at Uni?

  4. Thanks darling! Life is slowly getting better and I'm looking forward to the new year when I will hopefully have a little spare money and can enjoy myself!
    I studied Fine Art, specialising in sculpture x