Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Some days you just need to do things which you know will make you happy. They are spontaneous and wonderful. Things which are hurried and fill your belly with warmth.
Yesterday I went back to an old home, an old town and saw old friends. It was just wonderful.

So I think that I managed to get my 5-a-day yesterday...!
It started well; Readybrek with Oatly and plenty of raisins and a glass of orange juice. 2 down already! Then I was in a mad rush and forgot to eat the pile of grapes which would get me to 3. And then I skipped lunch. And had COFFEE <3 <3 Two coffees! It was good. SO GOOD! I went for my favourite; Costa. Then Nero (not so much favourite). With friends who I hadn't seen for months. Months and months. How lovely.
Then for dinner I had chips- yes I know this doesn't count! So on the train home I munched a tub of apples, grapes and strawberries which bumped me up to a definite four (!!!) and a samosa.
So... does a samosa count? It is packed with peas.

In other news I made my Motherbear a lemon drizzle cake for her birthday:

I think I need more ideas on how to make sure I complete my 5-a-day challenge!


  1. Wow. Just... wow. Could you make me a lemon drizzle cake for my birthday? You have until August...

  2. Haha! My birthday is in August too, maybe I will make a joint happybirthdaylemondrizzlecake x