Saturday, 6 November 2010

Pizzaface equals Happyface!

Pizzaface is pretty much a revelation for the UK- an independent pizza shop, which delivers right to your door, and offers vegan cheese. Could it get any better!?

I went for Johno (Red onions, olives, peppers, mushrooms and fresh chillies*). Paying £1 extra for vegan cheese, this pizza is cheaper than all of the major pizza chains. The base is verging on thin crust, cooked beautifully in a stone-based oven, and with a really decent amount of toppings. I added some cheeky artichokes to mine, yum!

*although the menu stated fresh chillies, mine turned up chilli flakes. Not too bad, but I was looking for some juicy jalapenos!

Mr T went for the amazing Funghi (Sauteed mushrooms, porcini mushrooms and marinaded Sardinian oyster mushrooms, garlic and truffle oil). The garlic is crushed into the sauce and cheese, and brings so much flavour to such a simple pizza. Brilliant.

We also shared a portion of garlic bread (this has to be specified to be vegan) but it was fairly dry and although it was packed with fresh, heady garlic, the bread was chewy.

Pizzaface cater for gourmet meat lovers, veggies, vegans, cheese-haters and those who are gluten/ wheat intolerant. They also stock Booja Booja ice cream!
For the two pizzas and garlic bread the grand total was £25, plus £2 tip for the kind driver who brought it to our doorstep. A wonderful treat, and such a brilliant company to support!

01273 699 082.
35 St. George's Rd, Kemp Town, BN2 1ED.


  1. I love Pizza Face, I always order the funghi and get the garlic bread with vegan cheese - yum!

  2. Ooh what's the garlic bread like with cheese on??
    Pizzaface is wonderful; it's the second time we've ordered since we moved down, I think I'm in love!

  3. Oh for something so vegan friendly in Leeds! Looked at the website for Pizaaface and it looks like an interesting menu, will check it out if I ever end up in Brighton. :)

  4. Wow that looks amazing. Some places in London do great vegan pizza but none of them deliver. They should think about it for sure though! :)

  5. Now I really wish I was having pizza for lunch!

  6. Ms Alex- I have heard that Pizzaface have delivered to people on the beach before, so definitely an option when you're visiting!

    Siobhan- Can you get pizzas with vegan cheese on in London? I've had cheeseless pizzas, but not vegan cheese before!

    Mandee- Go on, have pizza for lunch! Yummm.

  7. Oh goody, I'm glad you reminded me of this place. Will have to check it out!

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