Thursday, 5 February 2009

Issue One.


I'm very excited to complete my first issue of Artichoke Zine. I wanted to make a magazine/ zine which focused on all areas of living an animal free life. It's full of recipes (all sorts; starters, snacks, sweet things. OK mainly sweet things...!) reviews of vegan cafes and restaurants all over the UK, new products, news and my current favourite animal friendly things.

Read an interview with vegan dessert angel, Rebecca's Cakes, and go and order platters of delights from her! Find out my favourite places to eat, products to buy and try out some of the yum recipes. I'll be blogging when it's printed and ready to go, and give you guys information about where to purchase it from. Now tell your friends!

I've set up a Facebook page, if you could become a fan that would be dandy!!


Tizz x


  1. Hey, I though you might be interested in my review of Saf, the wonderful vegan restaurant in Shoreditch.

    Love Christina x