Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Two down, lots to go.

I've managed to cross two foodies off my list this week! First off is Terre a Terre, Brighton.

The restaurant itself has a wonderful mix of contemporary colours and fittings, with a traditional sense of style. The food reflects this, with delicous experimentation and chefs who really understand food and flavours. To start we had Terre à Tapas. A selection of dishes from the menu, this came on a large round plate and just the right amount of each dish. Including cheese. A hasty replacement was made and apologies were given. This starter was seriously good! The flavours were raw and zipped around your mouth, each taster was unique and left you wanting the whole dish! Salads, noodles, cashews, tofu, foccaccia, aubergine dip, oh my! I was worried I would be too full!

The main came, and my fellow food taster ordered Porcini Pudding and Cranberry Kraut. This is a great option if you're bringing a meat eater. Almost like a steak and kidney pudding, the mushrooms are shockingly similiar to meat, the 'smashed' potato is beautifully creamy and topped off with a small jug of gravy, this dish is simple but well finished. I ordered Rosti, Revisited (2). Which came covered in cheese. More apologies and the meal was taken off the bill, a replacement ordered quick smart. Even though I did have to wait (and endure the wafting smell of cooked cheese, yuck!) this restaurant really handled the problems well, and no fuss had to be made! When my meal came o-h - m-y it was worth the wait!! Not mentioned on the menu, is that the vegan option is creamy spinach topped with tofu in hoisin sauce and sesame seeds. The tofu was cooked perfectly; chewy and crispy on the outside, melting in the middle. Together with the soft creamy spinach which wrapped around the sauce, it was so delicous. Piled on top of a crispy rosti and sitting in a pool of pea sauce, this dish is one of the best vegan meals I've ever had.

And for dessert?
All I'm saying, is order Rain Vodka Cherry Chocolate Churros. Just do it.

Second on my list of places to try was V&M, London. Taking over the previous location of my favourite Vegan Thai Buffet on Greek Street, this is two restaurants; one 'express' side, one restaurant side. We took the express route. 100% vegan, the menu offers a range of really good fast food options (don't expect anything raw, healthy or consisting of any of your 5 a day...!) I chose the Combo Meal; burger, chips (or onion rings) and a milkshake (chocolate or strawberry) for 4.99. Real friendly staff and a free sample of some spring rolls, the meal didn't come 'express'ly but my burger came how I like it (COVERED in gherkins), a small portion of chips and a large milkshake. My fellow food taster ordered the onion rings which were pretty good. I'm definitely popping back to this place, especially as I want to try the cheesy jalapeno bites. The dining restaurant next door is on my list of must-tries, with a menu of salads, stir fries and similiar fast food.

Terre a Terre:
71 East Street
01273 729051

10-11 Greek Street, Soho.

Vegan Thai Buffets: These are almost a chain, with around a dozen scattered around London. They offer a wide selection of dishes, including prawn crackers, spring rolls, prawn toast, duck, mock meats, noodles. The buffets range in price but are usually between 5 and 7 pounds depending what time you go, and they offer a cheaper take out price.

40 New Oxford Street, Bloomsbury
40 Great Windmill Street
33 Old Compton Street, Soho
3 Great Chapel Street
6 Kentish Town Road
11 Islington High Street

(The branch of Islington High Street is very good!)

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