Friday, 12 June 2009

Good Food Mini Round Up!

I've been a very lucky girl the last couple of weeks and have tried two amazing cafes, both of which I highly recommend you try!

First off is Franco Manca, Brixton.

Nestled amongst busy market stalls and cute independent cafes, this beautiful pizzeria uses sourdough bases- with a vegan option listed on the menu, so no awkward "no cheese please" conversations. I added olives to mine:

It's super good value for money- 4.50 (including addition of olives, 4. without). Plus their range of drinks are very affordable; wine is 7.50 a bottle. Saturday's are insanely busy, so I suggest miss the lunchtime rush and relax in the afternoon.
4, Market Row, Electric Lane, Brixton, London. SW9 8LD. Monday to Saturday 12-5

Next up is Idyea, Brighton. Brighton is amazing and I always have trouble deciding where to eat; there are too many good options! Idyea offers a range of hot meals, around half of which are vegan (and labelled) which come with either vegetables or salads. They also offer amazing looking cakes, smoothies, juices etc. Very reasonably priced and filling:

I had the vegan option roti: pancake filled with spicy potatoes, spinach and veggies, with an amazing potato salad,mixed bean salad, houmous, salad leaves and seeds, which came to 4.90.

17 Kensington Gardens, North Lanes, Brighton BN1 Tel: 01273 667992


  1. oh my god that pizza looks incredible!

  2. It really was; I've never had sourdough bread before, and it was delicious!!