Monday, 15 June 2009

Tempting Thoughts!

I'm being greedy and dreaming of the next vegan place that I want to try! Here's a list of what's tempting me this week:

1. Cafe Kino.
This workers co-operative in Bristol offers 100% vegan delights from quick bites to larger meals and desserts. Oh my the desserts look good!
Daydreaming of trying: American style pancakes with fresh berries and maple syrup!

2. The Real Greek. This fairly large chain of Greek restaurants clearly labels which delights are suitable for vegans, and although none of the main courses are OK, there are plenty of starters. So eat tapas-style with piles of food!
Daydreaming of trying: Santorinian Fava (Tiny yellow lentils from the volcanic island of Santorini, puréed with olive oil and herbs).

3. Eat and Two Veg.
This fast food based vegetarian restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner (and dessert!) with a clearly labelled menu. Not too many options for vegans, but what they do offer looks delish.
Daydreaming of trying: Butternut Crumble.

4. Gossip.
I popped in quickly to have a peek at this amazing cute tea&coffee shop. Vegetarian with plenty of tempting vegan delights; I seem to remember a ham&mayo baguette catching my eye, plus blueberry cake! Broadway Market is beautiful and runs on Saturdays. Have a browse!
Daydreaming of trying: Blueberry Cake!
No website, but it's address is 62 Broadway Market.


  1. Eat and Two Veg is lovely, so is the real greek (it's very good considering it is a chain!) I am veggy though, not vegan - but still we had mezze style with lots of starters and it was yummy! x

  2. I really want/ need to try all these places still! x