Saturday, 11 July 2009

Fashion Conscience.

I've spent most of today writing articles for Artichoke, which has made me super happy and inspired! I always planned on having a printed Issue One ready by the end of the summer, and maybe just maybe this will still happen. Whilst writing and researching I came across this fantastic site; Fashion-Conscience.Com.
The company focuses on ethical, fair trade, recycled, sometimes vegan and always beautiful pieces. Some come with a price, but for what you're paying for it's totally worth it. Here are my favourites:

From a collection titled 'Sea Bags', these amazing pieces are created with a nautical theme, and all made from recycled industrial materials. My favourite is this amazing bag made from coffee sacks.

Recycled Coffee Bag, 75 pounds.

There's also a section dedicated to vegan products, which is where I found these beautiful and amazing shoes:

Cherry red 'vinyl' plastic wedge Mary Janes', 50 pounds.

This beautifully pretty dress for what's left of summer please:

Khaki jersey summer dress, on sale for 27.30.

Everything can be found on

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