Tuesday, 14 July 2009

VBites II

I wanted to develop a previous blog about Heather Mills' latest venture; VBites. The website is fully launched and shows just how much is on her menu, and all completely vegan.
I watched her give a brief cooking lesson on This Morning, where she made a lovely lemongrass 'chicken' with coconut rice, and the recipe for chocolate muffins.
Looking at the menu on the VBites website, the majority of food is meat replacement; I'm not sure if this is an 'easy' way of making people believe that by going vegan, you can still eat meat-based meals. Personally I use very little meat replacement, and when I do I see it as kind of a treat. Meat replacement can often be fairly expensive. My favourites are:

1. Taifin, Tofu Weiners. In a baguette with ketchup, oh my they are good!
2. Redwoods Rashers. Best part of a fry up, or in a sandwich.
3. Linda McCartney Sausages. Goodbye hangover.
4. Redwoods Chicken Pieces. So versatile and YUM.
5. RealEat Mince. Not often, but Mr T makes the best spaghetti bolognaise in the world.

Maybe I'm just not used to seeing so much meat replacement on the menu. Most vegan/ veggie places rely on good old fashioned veggies, with the guest appearance of some home made bangers.

The real reason that I really want to try this place, is because Mills' mentioned on This Morning that they have a conveyor belt of cupcakes. This sounds amazing!! Like a sushi bar!!



  1. I also thought the meat replacment heavy menu was a bit strange. I tend to use meat replacements as a bit of a short cut 0 I eat quorn sausages a lot and veggy burgers and mince (for bolognaise) but they are not what I consider 'proper' meals. Say if someone was coming round for dinner, I probably wouldn't use them - even though i do like them. Maybe I'm just being a snob! I prefer to use proteins such a tofu or cheese - halloumi/Panner, though I guess as a vegan that leaves you only with tofu!

  2. Yeah I sort of use meat replacement either as a quick meal (ie adding chicken pieces to a jar of curry sauce, or fajita sauce) or as a treat (ie burgers and chips). I don't think it's snobby, maybe I just think it's a bit of a cheat to cook with them- unless they're all prepared and created for vbites, but on This Morning I think that she was using Redwoods Chicken Pieces.
    I prefer to use veggies and beans, chickpeas etc!

  3. The meat replacements at VBites are actually repackaged redwood foods brand meat replacements. I even copied and pasted the nutritional information from the VBites online store onto the redwood store and they're exactly the same!

    I thought her meat replacements would be more inventive, perhaps using seitan and tempeh.

  4. So they don't even make the most of their meals from scratch! This seems bizarre to me. A restaurant should be at least mostly homemade!