Thursday, 2 July 2009


Oh I am enjoying all these lunches out and trying new places!
This week was a long awaited trip to Mildreds. On the edge of Soho this trendy vegetarian restaurant is bright and fresh; the food is varied and so difficult to choose! A huge specials menu ranging from daily soups, salads and burgers, to desserts and a special lunchtime menu deal.
I literally spent around fifteen minutes poring over the menu, before finally deciding on the burger of the day; butternut squash, onion and cumin. Yum! It was served with the best chips I've ever had, with BASIL MAYO (yes, this was amazing). My boyfriend had ale and mushroom pie, which also came with fries, and a brilliant serving of mushy peas. The perfect consistency, the peas zipped with mint and were refreshing against the dense flavours of the pie. We shared a vanilla and blackcurrant tofu cheesecake which was lovely (no photo, silly me).
Everything's labelled vegan, or vegan option, and the setting and food were all perfect. I would suggest booking in the evening because I can imagine it being packed out, but we enjoyed a very leisurely lunch. Friendly staff, fantastic food and very reasonable price. The drinks list was brilliant, and also fully labelled.
45 Lexington Street, London , W1F 9AN
020 7494 1634

Note: a couple of doors down is Mrs Marengos, which is run by the same lovely people, and offers more of a takeaway option. I've eaten here before and recommend the sizzling stirfry!


  1. I love mildreds! I've eaten there a few times and it is dilish!

    You can't book a table, but they always let you sit at the bar till one is free.

    Lots of love xxxx

  2. Ah thanks for the tip! So I guess get there with plenty of waiting/ drinking time.
    I want to go back again, I'm so pleased I've finally got to try it x