Sunday, 5 July 2009

Weekend Round Up.

Well this weekend has been a random mix of lovely food combinations. My boyfriend's Mum got re-married at the weekend, and they made us our own very special cakes, as part of the cake tower:

How cute! Like little top hats. We also enjoyed melon to start, a tomato risotto and a fruit salad. Oh and lots of free alcohol.
Yesterday we found a new and even more local Co-op, so I stuffed myself with doughnuts! And while in town I found this amazing game:
NINJABREAD MAN!! A ninja gingerbread man running around cupcake land. Amazing!
Anywho I'm trying to think of something new (and, most likely, SWEET!) to bake today. Any suggestions? I found a sheet of paper with a recipe for chocolate baklava scribbled on, but maybe I'm feeling a little too lazy for this? We'll see. I hope the sun perks up a bit!

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  1. Great you guys got your own little cake, how thoughtful.