Saturday, 1 August 2009

Berlin Diaries: Day One.

Day One

We landed in Berlin (not before almost missing our flight; we woke up at 5am, when we should have been checked in!) and immediately purchased two Mr Tom bars- we're in Mr Tom Land after all! A coach journey takes us to Alexanderplatz, the road which our beautiful hotel is on (complete with an aquarium which reaches from the reception to the 5th floor- wow!) and immediately start prioritising which food places we want to try first. Literally a couple of hours after we land we're eating amazing burritos, from Dolores. This burrito cafe serves meat and veggie, with vegan options clearly labelled with a cute green heart. We both chose the Dolores Vegan, which was stuffed with lime chilli tofu, black beans, fajita veggies, salsa, rice and guacamole. The burritos were huge!! I recommend the awesome lemon, mint and brown sugar lemonade- large! It's fantastic. Two burritos, lemonade and a beer came to €15.60. Not too shabby. The cafe itself is super cute, filled with the finest Berlin folk and playing cool tunes. What a lovely start to our holiday!

We had a walk around to try and digest the awesome first meal of the day, and walked around the Reichstag building, sat by the river and fell asleep in a park. The cathedral was beautiful, with patches dotted around the building where bullet holes had dented it. Amazing.

For dinner we visited the lovely district of Kreuzberg, and ate burgers at Yellow Sunshine. A totally vegetarian fast food cafe, they serve burgers and weiners and other deliciously indulgent junk food choices. I had the Mac Wheaty Burger with fries, and the best mayonnaise I've ever had- really brilliant. The vegan options are clearly marked on the menu (roughly half is vegan). A lovely burger, in the same style as Red Veg. For two burgers with fries, a beer and a fizzy orange it came to around €15. We sat outside in the warm evening sun.

Most of Berlin's bars offer cocktail happy hours; so many offer cocktails for around €4, so make sure that you don't pay more! But watch out, they're pretty strong...


  1. Amazing, I loved Yellow Sunshine. Can't wait to read more about your trip!

  2. Thanks darling! I'm slowly writing it all up!x

  3. Yellow Sunshine ruuules! Had some great falafel when I was in Berlin too. I wish they did that here more. Great blog by the way.

  4. Thanks! We had some falafel at a random kebab shop, and it was amazing!x