Thursday, 20 August 2009


Yesterday I was very pleased to open thelondonpaper (a free paper given out all over London all afternoon, brilliant for the journey home, and usually pretty interesting!) and see a double page article on the vegan options in London! It championed the delights of some of my favourite restaurants, and reminded me that I really do need to pop down to Inspiral in Camden and indulge in vegan ice cream and amazing cake flavours.
It also got me super excited about the London Vegan Festival! I literally can't wait. It's on Sunday 6th September in Kensington Town Hall. It starts at 11am (and yes I will be there waiting!) and is just two pounds entry. It's my first visit to the festival, and if it's anything like the Brighton Vegan Fayre then I will be more than impressed! Mostly I'm looking forward to stuffing my face with tasters, and bringing more cash with me so I can stock up on lots of lovely products!
Here's what I'm very excited about!


Article in thelondonpaper:

Information on the London Vegan Festival:

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