Sunday, 16 August 2009

Artichoke Zine: FINISHED!

Yesss! It's all printed and stuck together and finished and on sale TODAY!
If you're in the area you can buy it at this show in Brighton:
If not message me and we can work out postage/ zine swapping/ cake swaps.
I can't make it today, I'm going to see the Get Up Kids in Kingston (!!!) but wave and say hi to my friend Steve who is doing merch for Spraynard and will be selling my zine!


  1. I want one!
    I'm sure we can work something out....
    Good luck with the fair!


  2. congratulations! it looks great - i'd love a copy. will you send to australia?

  3. Thanks! Christina- I can post one to you if you like? Do you have paypal or maybe post some money?
    Philippa O- thankyou! I'm sure I can post to Australia! Have no idea how much it will cost, and paypal should also be best to pay with?x

  4. Hey, yes I have paypal - so that might be easiest. Let me know how much.
    Lots of love x