Tuesday, 6 October 2009

It's been a while!

Finally!! Internet connection!! As sad as that sounds, I have been sans internet at home for over a month, and I've missed blogging so much! Thanks to having the net on my phone, I haven't been completely cut off from the vegan world, but I'm super happy to be back! And to get on with giving some kind of contribution to Vegan Mofo!

To start off I'm going to give an update on the food highlights that I've been enjoying over the last month!

Vegan croissants! All the way from sunny Spain. My lovely flatmate's mother brings them over for me from Barcelona, and they are wholemealy goodness in a little flaky parcel! Amazing.

A quick lunch of chickpeas, tomatoes, chilli oil dished up with salad, plenty of olives, slices of pitta and dollops of houmous!

These are all the goodies which I picked up at the London Vegan Festival! It was a super fun day, and I spent way too much as usual!

And here's my little munchkin enjoying one of his presents!

My new favourite breakfast; WAFFLES! I received the awesome gift of a waffle machine for my birthday! Put that together with the amazing recipes in Vegan Brunch, I have been enjoying gingerbread waffles a lot lately!
And here are my birthday cupcakes; all of the cupcakes have a banana cupcake, and topped with vanilla buttercream, finished with a variety of sprinkles, fruit, popcorn and other sweet treats! They went down well!
Well that's my update for today; fairly random and unspecific but I haven't blogged for a month and needed to catch up with everything! Hope everyone has been eating delicious foods!x


  1. ooo man those croissants and cupcakes look so good! do you have a munchkin cat?? adorable!

  2. That food looks amazing! I wish I could buy vegan croissants here.

    Your kitty is so cute, he looks a bit like my family cat Possum. Very handsome :)

  3. Yes I have a little munchkin kitty called Rasputin. He's super cute! And I just finished the last of my treats from the Vegan Festival! Will have to stock up soon!

  4. Pro-tip: Aldi supermarket chain throughout Europe sell vegan home-bake crossiants. They are a little more bread-like than your non-vegan crossiant, but one little tube makes 6.

  5. Wow, vegan croissants and from Spain! And those cupcakes look delish! Also, Happy Birthday!

  6. The croissants are so good! And taste like they might even be healthy, with all the wholemeal! Thankyou!x