Thursday, 8 October 2009

Vegan Mofo: BLT.

So I'm still way behind everyone else in the Vegan Mofo league, but today's lunch was pretty tasty. After reading a blog by Quarry Girl announcing a celebration in the form of Sandwich Day, and from not having any meat replacement for a while, I was craving a BLT! I bought all the good stuff and stuffed my face!

It goes: baguette, ketchup, bacon (little extra salt), lettuce, big beefy tomato slices, lettuce, bacon (little extra salt), salt, mayonnaise, baguette. Yum!


  1. what 'bacon' did you use?

  2. It was a mouthful! But a delicious mouthful!
    I used Redwoods Vegideli Organic Rashers- can you buy the Redwoods products in Australia? They're so good, I hope that you can!x