Saturday, 24 October 2009

Vegan MoFo: Best Burritos in Town!

More burrito cravings occured today, and as we were at London Bridge we took a detour and stopped off at Tortilla! We asked if they could make us a vegan burrito, and without hesitation the kind gentleman explained that we could have everything except for the meat, cheese and soured cream. We had a HUGE burrito filled with tomato rice (or a choice of lemon and coriander), two choices of beans, guacamole, salad and salsa verde (or a choice of mild salsa and HOT salsa. Salsa verde is medium heat).
I was a stupid head and didn't bring my camera, but they were delicious and packed full to the brim and super satisfying! You can choose exactly what goes into them, how spicy you would like your salsa, and you can buy bottles of various spicy sauces. Two large burritos, an extra pot of habanera sauce, a bottle of corona and a bottle of water came to 15 pounds.
They also offer fajitas, naked burritos (oh my) and tortilla baskets.
I pretty much looked like this afterwards:
And here's a kitty!!


  1. they sound so delicious and authentic. I LOVE MEXICAN FOODZ!!!!!!

  2. Cool, I'll keep that place in mind next time I'm near London Bridge.

  3. Me too! Burritos forever.
    It's not far from London Bridge- start working towards Tate Modern, and when you see Leon turn left, and then at the end of the little road turn right and you'll see it. There's also one in Angel x

  4. LOL!!!!!!!!!! that is the winner - funniest pet pic! hahaha rolled up kitty's face is priceless....

  5. It's adorable isn't it!!! He doesn't look too amused haha x