Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Vegan MoFo: Mushy Food.

So here are the delights that I've been whipping up today, to sooth my weary mouth:

I used the ingredients for Omelette, in Vegan Brunch, but added some roasted veggies from last nights dinner, and turned it into a kind of omelette scramble. I chopped some tomatoes and had a slice of buttered wholemeal bread with it, and served it on my favourite plate to cheer me up.
You can't see because of the food, but it has lots of drawings of cakes and biscuits and Minnie Mouse on it!
For dessert, some stewed apples with cinnamon, on a bed of porridge and a swirl of maple syrup. Beige food, yes! Hopefully my mouth will thank me for this brown bonanza, as I'm off to work soon!


  1. i hope all this soft stuff puts you on the speedy road to recovery. not being able to crunch and chew sucks!

  2. It seems to be slowly getting better, thank you! I am dreaming of a crunchy baguette filled with chewy things...!x

  3. Stewed apples are wonderful for sore mouths. While we were dating at the time, it was all my husband wanted when he had his wisdom teeth out. :) (Although yours with maple syrup and porridge sound even better!). Hope your mouth is fully recovered asap!

  4. My mouth was happy afterwards! Thanks for the kind words. I only took 4 painkillers today, instead of my usual 8 or 9, things are looking up!x

  5. Fantastic! Someone should create a blog of tasty things to eat when you get your wisdom teeth removed.. that would have been helpful for me for SURE!