Saturday, 14 November 2009

Home made ravioli and garlic bread.

I took a little break since Vegan MoFo, and haven't been doing too much cooking lately (at least no blog-worthy meals!) but recently I changed jobs and have a few more dinner times free to cook things, which has been nice. Mostly they have been consisting of vegetable in various sauces and spices, so it's been lovely having some goodness back in my diet. Not that I don't think my houmous diet was good- oh it was GOOD- it isn't so good for my immune system, especially as the temperature has dropped in the last couple of weeks!

So me and Mr T made ravioli last weekend; he even bought a super cute pasta machine! I can't quite remember the recipe, and we totally stole the recipes from both Gordan Ramsey and Maple Spice's blog! For the mixture Mr Ramsey gave us a great demonstration (his videos on The F Word are brilliant! Simple, no fuss, I love them!) and consisted of spinachy, buttery nutmegy, melting-in-your-mouth, tossed with toasted pine nuts piles of delish! The ingredients and method for the ravioli can be found at Deb's blog (link below) and were so simple and fun to make! We also used her garlic bread recipe. All in all a buttery garlicy deliciously indulgent dinner, which we followed with a piece of strawberry cheesecake and can be found in the freezers in Holland and Barratt. Go find all these nice things and eat them!


  1. Thanks so much for the link! I'll definitely be trying that filling, sounds fab!! (I love nutmeg too!!)

  2. That looks delicious, can't wait to try out the ravioli.

  3. I'm officially a little bit in love with ravioli. Which is strange, because I never liked it pre-vegan.
    Forgot to mention that we also made a sage butter which we tossed the ravioli in once it was cooked, and drizzled some over the top of the dish.