Friday, 18 December 2009

Rasputin, A Little Bazaar and Terre a Terre!

I know, I know. It's been a while. It's been more than a while. OK yes it's been a few weeks. Maybe even 3 weeks. I don't know what to say you guys, I really don't!

Maybe Rasputin can help?

There we go! A napping kitty always melts the hearts of ignored readers.

So what have I been doing lately- well, working mostly. I spend around 12 hours a day outside of my flat, so cooking is generally either dished up by my lovely flatmate, or it's pitta bread and houmous. And would you really want to see five photographs of pitta bread and houmous? Maybe with some olives thrown in if I'm feeling flash?

No. So you really will have to settle for Rasputin. And what's so bad about that, eh! Look at his little face!!!

So I have some photographs from A Little Bazaar which was two weekends ago. Our table consisted of baked goods (from moi) and knitted and handmade jewellery and accessories crafted by Laia:

On Wednesday some close friends and I went for our own little Christmas Dinner at my favourite restaurant, Terre a Terre, in Brighton. We opted for the Christmas Menu, which hints at traditional flavours with a very modern twist.

For starter I chose Santa’s Sodden Socca, which is described as a chubby pancake. Hmm. Not a pancake (or anything remotely pancakey) but more a falafel, it was tasty and lightly spiced, with dollops of perfectly cooked vegetables and drizzled with dressing.

For main course I chose the vegan optioned Prancer’s Polenta Balls because I wanted something remotely Christmassy! No luck here either as this smoked dish smothered any Christmas cheer! The walnut cream was beautiful and really complimented the smoked flavour of the cabbage, however the vegan option was far too similiar to the starter. Although both of the mains were either vegan or vegan option, I think it would have been far nicer to have dishes which contrasted the starters offered.

The dessert did not let me down though! Ginger Noggin was a wonderfully petite Christmas pudding- packed full of flavour, the fruit was moist and kicked with spices and a hit of alcohol. The modern twist came from a scoop of ruby sorbet- great flavour and really fun!

If you're looking for a relaxing evening with a really modern and exciting menu then try Terre a Terre. Their regular menu is magnificent, and I can't gush about this restaurant enough; the chefs are seriously talented!

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