Monday, 21 December 2009

Hong Kong City, Chocolate Pie and News!

I've had a suprisingly quiet weekend at work, where I realised that, really, men are the ultimate shoppers. I love them <3

Mr T and I tried out the wonderfully tacky, Hong Kong City!! It's on the main road into New Cross, and as Mr T describes it, "like being at a wedding". The food was actually pretty good; our meal included vegetarian lettuce wrapped, spring rolls, tofu in salt and chilli, mixed vegetables in black bean sauce and some vegetable fried rice. With a lovely bottle of Rioja, the best wine. It was full of families dining and people singing happy birthday. Really, it was wonderful. Though they had no noodles which were egg-less, boo.

THEN we come home to find my amazing flat mate has baked THIS:

Seriously, how good does that look! It's a chocolate pie, baked from recipes in The Garden of Vegan (Sarah Kramer, general wonder woman).

I also came home to find that I had been featured on the lovely The Gluttonous Vegan blog! Go read her lovely recipes and general awesomeness. And all the zines which I sent to To Happy Vegans were snapped up at the Reading Eco Veggie Fayre! So all in all, yesterday was GRREEAT! Now I'm off to do all my Christmas Shopping.


  1. that looks incredible! what a lovely flatemate you have!

  2. That looks so delicious! And I love that it's in the shape of a heart!