Monday, 4 January 2010

Breathing's just a rhythm.

So yesterday was pretty much the funnest day; my flatmate and I went to see one of our favourite artists' exhibiting at the Whitechapel Gallery- Sophie Calle.

It was amazing and beautiful and both of us were nearly crying.

Then we went for a wonder around Brick Lane, ate Ethiopian food (which I've never tried before!? It's good!) then went to a retro diner for a Dixie beer. Then another. Then we went to my favourite bar, 1001, and had another beer. Then we ran around Brick Lane for a while.

So we decided it was probably time to head home. It wasn't really our fault that we stumbled upon a bar which offered buy one get one free cocktails. And it really wasn't our fault that we had five. Each.

So yeah, this morning I have been trying to hold off a hangover by cleaning. A lot. Laundry and hoovering and dishes. All to the sounds of Regina Spektor. Lovely.

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