Saturday, 2 January 2010

twothousandandnine & twothousandandten.

I started writing my usual list of things that were great about the past year.I like to reflect on the positive things, and it usually helps me to write my list of New Years Resolutions. This past year has been hard; a lot of changes, a lot of upheaval and it took me a while to actually write a few things down. Some were clear and some were harder to remember, but the memories make me smile.

♥ Getting Rasputin!!
♥ Writing a dissertation, and graduating with a 2:1.
♥ Being asked to write a guest blog for tohappyvegans.
♥ Visiting Berlin <3
♥ Writing and printing a zine.
♥ Meeting wonderful vegans, both in person and online.
♥ R E G I N A S P E K T O R !!!
♥ Seeing Peter Andre!!
♥ Learning how to ice cupcakes 'professionally'.
♥ All the amazing food; Terre a Terre, Rootmaster, Yellow Sunshine, Voner.
♥ Organising exhibitions, and being part of a book publication.
♥ Spanish midnight, and all the grapes.
♥ Making vegan omelette and quiche and other great recipes that 'shouldn't' be vegan.

This year has taught me a few things. That you should never complain about your life, unless you are willing to change it. And change can happen overnight, if you really want it to. It's your life and your choices. I've learnt to really listen for the things that make me happy, and to do these things more often. I've learnt that having a cupboard stocked with flour and sugar makes the day a little sweeter.

And now for New Years Resolutions; last years didn't go so well. 12.5 out of 20, but never mind! The ones which I did complete I was happy with, and the rest will roll over to this year. I did cut down on my coffee habit (from buying three large coffees a day,to 1), I bought lovely make up from B Never 2 Busy 2 B Beautiful (RIP), I started my own zine, drank more water and knitted more things. But I did not get an awesome job once I graduated, go to more shows (in fact I think I actually went to less... FAIL), I didn't make any fabric swatches and I didn't fix my laptop/ buy a mac. Hmm.

So this year I have a different idea for my resolutions.

Firstly I am going to do something new every month. Give something up, make myself do something, try something new- anything.


I am giving up coffee. Coffee.

I thought I would start with the hardest thing. And buy myself a pretty dress with the money that I save.

This will help with Resolution #1: To save more money (again). Because, really, I am quite crap at saving money, and I really do want to travel more this year.

Resolution #2: To make artwork. Anything. I fucking miss having exhibitions; the stress. The excitement. The getting completely drunk part.

Resolution #3: To make Artichoke Zine prettier. Preferably with a nice website, and to update more often. To produce a Second Edition copy of the zine, in printed format. Resolution #4: To make and bake and cook and photograph more. And make the photographs prettier.

Resolution #5: To write. Writewritewrite. Write and send and make people read my writing and ask me to write more things.

Resolution #6: To buy more clothes. Kind of contradicts #1 but I don't really have many clothes and feel that I need more. I would like to buy something from Stella McCartney.

Resolution #7: To buy the Nigel Slater book Tender.

Resolution #8: To go back to Berlin.

Resolution #9: Learn more Spanish and French.

Resolution #10: To read more books.

January so far will consist of 1. Giving up coffee 2. Visiting my sister in B A T H. 3. Having a whole week off work. 4. Trying to earn and save monies for trips and nice things. I also aim to 5. Visit friends who I haven't seen for weeks (months...)

I think that I would like to look more like this in 2010.
More cute dresses and more chocolate covered faces.


  1. Yay for more cute dresses and chocolate covered faces! That is the best thing to hope for in 2010! Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year! Go back to Berlin's definitely on my list this year, I went in late 2008 and loved it.

  3. Happy New Year guys!
    I can't wait to return to Berlin, but it won't be until the summer. I love walking around the streets, and eating all the AMAZING vegan food!

  4. Such good resolutions. I want Tender too!

  5. Tender is reduced to 20 pounds in Selfridges- 10 pounds off!

  6. It will be great to watch Peter Andre, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.

  7. You're so lucky! I luuurve him x