Sunday, 24 January 2010

Week of Fun!

Well what a week it's been! I feel like I haven't stopped, and got to see so many people who I LOVE! Visited new places, tried new foods, dragged my tapestry suitcase on so many trains. Many many trains. It's been the best.

I started my week by getting a bus and a tube to my Grandparents for a lovely meal cooked by my father. Vegetable tart. With the best freakin' roast potatoes I'd ever had. And CABBAGE! Actually, I was wrong. I didn't start my holiday here. I started it from the minute that I finished work; drinks and dancing with friends until 6am, yes. So I was a little tired by the time I got to my family.

Driving to Sussex with the dogs noses in my ear.

I spent one whole day in my old bedroom, in the best bed ever. Seriously, it's beautiful and comfortable and amazing. And we had Dominos pizza!

Early the next morning I began my journey to Bath. It's just the most beautiful and wonderful city; so many lovely shops, amazing food- vegan food! Just perfect. I will be returning soon.

We had breakfast at Demuths- a vegetarian restaurant which offers brilliant vegan options. We both had the Demuths Big Breakfast, which consisted of grilled tomatoes, perfect garlic mushroom, crispy cubes of tofu, slices of wholemeal toast, a home made sausage and sauteed potatoes. Oh my, it was delish! With a beautiful freshly squeezed orange juice, this breakfast will set you up for the day! And at just over ten pounds (including juice) it's not too shabby. I would love to come back and have lunch or dinner here (or both!) especially when they have sticky toffee pudding, and a cashew and coconut cheesecake on the menu!

I went to the Health Food Shop of Dreams:

I don't know whether it's because I live so far from an independent health food shop, but Harvest is just wonderful. It has a small deli where the amazing staff serve you slices of mushroom pie, the best samosas and potato balls I've ever had, and fresh cakes- including carrot cake, and a chocolate and coconut slice. Everything is labelled vegan, and everything is delicious. The rest of the store boasts the usual goodness; meat replacement, vegan chocolate, eco friendly cleaning etc. Then there are any grains, seeds, nuts, spices you can imagine- all paid for by weight, so you can buy as much or as little as you need. What a gem.

Of course we had to drink lots of wine. And mojitos. And make vegan vodka jellies. And go out for more cocktails. Which ended us up at Al Falafel; the best chip kebab I've ever had!! I'm SERIOUS! This place makes great chips, the salad is awesome, it had houmous, oh my it was perfect.

Did I mention that my sister has a hamster? Called Audrey?


As my trip had to come to an end, I caught a train to Mr T's and from there we roadtripped (vantripped) to Portsmouth/ Havant area for some Grandparents action, where I ate some delicious home made beetroot and got to hang out with my 'niece' who is literally awesome. Saturday evening was spent in Brighton (my soulmatetown and soon to be home) and today I caught another train home. Back to London. Back to New Cross Gate. Lovely.

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