Sunday, 21 February 2010


The Wellcome Collection has long since been my favourite museum in London. Situated in Euston, their lengthy exhibitions combine a scientific exploration through the human body, whilst exploring the ideology of our beings with an artistic mindset.

Their current exhibition is an indepth journey through the concept of Identity. Nine constructed box rooms isolate each concept; from gender to memory, through to twins and their sense of individuality. Each room is small but well thought out, and forces the reader to become aware of their personal space and the space which they occupy within the exhibition.

My favourite of the nine rooms introduced me to an artist; Claude Cohen. Using a pseudonym, Cohen explored gender and what it did and did not represent for her. She chose a neutral name, shaved her hair and wore trousers. The most surprising thing for me was when she was producing photography and writing radical pieces on gender issues; through the 1910s and 20s. A hundred years ago, and yet she could be making work now. Her photography had a confident yet romantic exploration of her ideas, not of the contemporary technology

Image courtesy of the Wellcome Collection.

I love the way that the Wellcome Collection acknowledges the strong connections between the exploration and urgency to discover and show new ideas to the public, that both science and art have in common. For two years my own practice had strong connections with the physical body, and the Wellcome Collection was an invaluable tool during this time.

Wellcome Collection
183 Euston Road

If you like the Wellcome Collection, then I would also recommend The Hunterian Museum.
The Royal College of Surgeons
35- 43 Lincoln's Inn Fields


  1. Hah! You're the first other vegan I've encountered who's been to the Huntarian. I went a few years ago with a biologist - fascinating but extraordinarily creepy (the museum that is!)

    I've not been to the Wellcome Collection, due to Wellcome's funding of animal research.

  2. Both those museums are brilliant!
    I understand that the Wellcome Collection has very different ethics from me, but as I am not a member and have never paid for an exhibition, I see my contributions as fairly minimal!

  3. wow, that sounds like such a fantastic exhibit! i wish it were in the states too.

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