Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Lazy Days Foods

Whilst browsing the Free From section in Waitrose this afternoon, my heart did the usual skipping when I see new products.
Maybe it's vegan!

Well today, I was in luck. Lazy Days produce sweet treats which are gluten, wheat, egg and dairy free- and very delicious!

I bought a packet of Millionaires Shortbread; perfect. Heavy on the shortbread, it is crumbly and fluffy which melts with a buttery sweetness. The caramel was gooey and delicious, and was topped with creamy chocolate. Amazing.

They also make chocolate tiffins (one of my favourite sweet treats!), chocolate dipped ginger biscuits and ginger snaps. These were all available at Waitrose, and on their website they also feature chocolate fudge cake!

Millionaire's Shortbread, £2.39 for six pieces.


  1. There's a thread about this on VF, on which I posted my review:

    "The shortbread is quite unlike I've ever tasted (not in a good way). It's powdery and crunchy, with a weird aftertaste. By the looks of things they've cooked it with an uneven top then flipped it over to put the caramel on the smooth side, leaving a rough and crumbly underneath. The caramel layer is thin, set and more like badly made fudge (i.e. it's crystally not smooth) than gorgeous gooey caramel. I've not really anything to say about the chocolate, other than the layer is pathetically thin, has no crack when you bite in and it's flavour is lost in the overall weirdness. To add insult to injury you're left after eating with an oily coating in your mouth."

    It's good to know someone enjoyed them! :)

  2. Wow I can't believe you disliked them so much!!
    To be fair, I never liked them pre- vegan. The shortbread was too crumbly but the flavour was lovely- and yes too little chocolate!!

    Now I just want to find out how/ why their products are so similiar to Blue Lotus products...?