Thursday, 25 March 2010


Today I was walking through Central London, gazing with cherry cheeks at the new window display for Libertys, and drinking my favourite coffee.
I walked through my favourite crowd-cutting road, Argyle Street.
[I love this road, because everytime I walk up and down it, I instantly start humming Bouncing Souls.]
I walked past some charming builders, and one of them commented:

She looks pleased with herself.

And I thought, yes. Because really, I am. And I should be. It might have taken a few months of feeling miserable and lonely and frustrated, but I feel that as Spring is finally stopping by, I am awake. And happy. Really quite happy.

I have a 4 day a week job, which pays the bills. Even though really it doesn't make me happy at all, I have met some really amazing people. It's worth being told to wear more make up and not to wear pink socks. Because it gives me the time to spend two days a week in a wonderful publishers.
I get to speak to authors (who really do love to talk about their writing).
I get to proofread manuscripts. I get to organise press and promotional material for the authors book launches. And I get to hang out with one of my best friends while I do all of this.

Last but not least I have recently started selling some things which I bake, and this truly makes me happy. It's worth waking up at 6am for, and finding blobs of waffle mix up my sleeves hours later. And it's for a shop which I truly believe is important for London; a shop which is 100% vegan, and with diy ethics.

Here's what you can treat yourself to:

These tasty gingerbread waffles.
Warm and toasty in your belly.
Covered in squirtee cream.

And you can eat them whilst relaxing in the beautiful lounge at Vx.
With a marshmallow latte. For REAL.
You won't find these anywhere else, so go, relax and fill your tummies with goodness.

73 Caledonian Road
Kings Cross
N1 9BT

020 7833 2315
Tue- Sun
10am- 6.30pm

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