Monday, 5 April 2010

Being Spoon- Fed.

OK so if you read my last blog, you will realise that I'm pretty much busy all of the time. But I love it.

However, this does mean that I have had to cut down on the baking love. And cooking time. And general making-myself-something-to-eat hours.
Tibits, you are wonderful. M&S vegetable samosas how I love thee. My flatmate's leftovers, brilliant. And good old pitta bread & houmous. Meow.

Thankfully those around me do still have time to bake, and so I have been blessed with these tummy treats:

Mushroom and Ale Pie:

Courtesy of Mr T.

Followed by Sticky Date Pudding, drowned in Butterscotch and decorated with Praline.
Yes it was flippin amazing. And moist and sticky and sweet and lovely.

Courtesy of Mr T.

For Easter I did manage to rustle up some sweet treats (after working a ten hour shift, with five hours sleep up my sleeve, and staying up until 2am icing):

One half of the basket holds Cherry and Orange cupcakes, and the other half holds vanilla cupcakes, decorated with various sweeties.

But then my sister totally kicked my arse by MAKING her own Easter Eggs (!!!) which were filled with gummy bears (!!!) and came with a little bag of home made chocolates (!!!). Yes, she is a frickin GENIUS. She also made her classic nut roast, which is brilliant.

I did manage to find the time to rustle up Mr T's birthday cake:

It's a peanut butter and chocolate chip cake, with peanut butter icing to sandwich the two cakes together, and topped with a chocolate ganache. I love peanut-butter-anything-sweet.


  1. Oh my gosh! Look at all this food!!! Yum-tastic! I need to get some sleep but now I just want to eat! :)

  2. That all looks incredible, in fact, I don't know where to start with commenting on it! Those cupcakes look delicious, and the nut roast sounds great too - maybe she'd let you post the recipe on your blog?!

  3. I can ask about the nut roast recipe! It is seriously so yum. Packed with cashews, delish x