Monday, 1 March 2010

Sweetness and Sunshine.

Yesterday was one of those random days, when you sort of have plans. And they change. And you make new plans. And it's a lovely day.

So it was raining. A lot. Before I had even left the house my plans were loose and changing. I knew I had one intention though: to visit Vx. Shh.

The shop sells sweet treats, fresh cakes, ready meals, and items are being added all the time. They have a brilliant range of vegan shoes (for both men and women) from the wonderful Bourgeois Boheme. They also stock a whole load of SSOV clothing- including a beautiful tote bag and apron. They have pleather jackets, belts and wallets too!

Now lets get onto the good stuff...

Confetti Cookies
White chocolate and milk chocolate covered biscuits with sprinkles. Fudgey and delicious.

In original flavour, and fudge filled flavour.

Vegan Pet food
It was so promising, but alas Rasputin would not eat it! He normally eats dry food and occasionally tuna, so maybe he's just not used to wet food. They also sell huge bags of dry vegan cat and dog food.

I also bought two Whoopies (super sweet!) and some chocolate peanut bites.

Vx is a must visit place; Rudee is super nice so go and have a chat with him one afternoon and buy all his sweets.

73 Caledonian Road
N1 9BT
020 7833 2315

After I left, with a bag stuffed with vegan treats, I sat in a cute coffee shop in Old Street and read newspapers and Time Out and drank coffee and ate my Confetti cookies. It was a lovely afternoon, but I still had a good few hours of daylight left, so took a train to a town I used to live. Memories and old friends.
Then I met Mr T and the band he's currently tour managing (who are flipping brilliant by the way) and we had beer and food. We went to our favourite burrito place; Tortilla for dinner.

So, I thought my day couldn't really get any nicer. Then I check my twitter, and realise that JAY RAYNER has tweeted me. Jay Rayner. Observer food critic, long time love (if any of you read the first edition of the zine, you will have noted my love for him) and general man obsession. And the tweet involved HOT TUBS.

In other (more serious) news; I have a new guest blog up! If you guys have a few minutes then pop down to The Larder Lout and read all about my favourite vegan products. I really enjoyed writing this piece; partly because James is a very inspiring food writer, and partly because- aside from a two week raw vegan expedition- James' blog is very much a meat/ dairy fest!


  1. wow, that shop sounds amazing! we have one shop like that, 100% vegan, but it is kind of out of the way. sounds like you had a great day.

  2. It's fairly rare for the UK as well; most healthfood stores are veggie, some even have meat though. I did have a lovely day!

  3. I want confetti cooooooooookies!

    I love rainy days and days when things change but turn out for the better :)

  4. They're so good, I couldn't believe it! Probably the best vegan treats I've ever had. I ate almost the whole pack in one day, and yesterday I ate 2/3 pack of Trios. I'm hoping to be obese by the end of the week!

  5. Hello again! Those chocolate-covered, rainbow-sprinkled biscuits look like the store-bought, pink and white frosted animal crackers I used to eat as a child! Those were the good old days... Not that I'd want to go back in time necessarily, but simply finding vegan treats that remind me of past joys-- that is always a happy moment! :D

  6. Wow they sound amazing! They were seriously good, oh I want some more NOW!

  7. He he, Vegan food for pets! LOL!